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Advance Review: Satanic Is A Surprisingly Original Fast-Paced Thriller

Satanic centers on a spring break trip that goes from fun adventure toying with sinister magic to a quick descent into despair. Chloe (played by Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland) and her straitlaced boyfr...

Satanic - Review

Wicked Wednesday: Satanic May be the Most Generic Horror Movie of 2016

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday, a recurring segment on Wicked Horror where our own Zena Dixon brings you her (always outspoken) opinion on all things horror. The subject matter for these videos will vary...

Cecil Hotel

The Twisted History Of The Cecil Hotel

All throughout history, there have been locations that secure their spot in infamy thanks to their illustrious pasts. Locales such as the Amityville House, Eastern State Penitentiary the Sands Hotel i...