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Die Hard

Why Action Films are a Close Cousin to Horror Films

When thinking about the other types of films that horror fans would be attracted to, it’s probably safe to say that action movies are one of them. I’ve been watching a lot of action films ...

Liu Jian (Jet Li) in the middle of a fight scene in Chris Nahon's martial arts thriller Kiss of the Dragon.

Kiss of the Dragon is a Fast-Paced Martial Arts Thriller

Kiss of the Dragon finds Liu Jian, a Chinese police officer traveling to Paris to work in concert with the Parisian authorities in taking down an international drug smuggler. Moments before the takedo...

Leon: The Professional- Hitman With A Heart

[soliloquy id=”4927″] Close to faultless Leon: The Professional, directed and written by Luc Besson is an exceptional movie with an amazing character build-up and story to match. Leon, pla...