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Martyrs - Kevin Goetz - Bailey Noble

Martyrs Remake to Screen at ScreamFest, Tickets Now Available

The Martyrs remake is gearing up to make its world premiere at ScreamFest and you can check it out for yourself October 20th at TCL Chinese Theater at 9:30 PM. Tickets are on sale now and available ri...

New French Extremity - Gas Station Killer in High Tension

Why New French Extremity is One of the Most Important Movements of the Last Decade

Horror tends to move in cycles. We’ve all seen it. Things go in and out of fashion, some styles are embraced for a few years and then tossed away, anything can come back at the drop of a hat. The past...

Martyrs Remake Scores US Distro

The latest news in the saga that is the Martyrs remake sees the film landing distribution with Anchor Bay Entertainment. This only seems to further substantiate the previous reports that the film is a...

Lucie's demon ghost is of the woman she couldnt save when she escaped the torture warehouse all those years ago.

Martyrs Remake an Inevitability?

News has broken that a US remake to Pascal Laugier‘s Martyrs was definitely in the works. Buzz has been circulating around the film being remade for years but every other time it has turned out ...

Antichrist disturbing cinema article

Disturbing Scenes & Movies In Horror Cinema- Bucket Anyone?

What can I say? I love disturbing movies. Movies that make you go “WTF!” I make my friends watch them so I have someone to talk to about them. They all hate me for it. There’s an abundance of movies t...

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