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Why You Should Watch The Haunting of Sarah Hardy–If You Haven’t

In The Haunting of Sarah Hardy, a young girl named Sarah witnesses her delusional, unbalanced mother commit suicide by running off into the sea and drowning herself (at Sarah’s father’s fu...

Why You Should Watch Haunter–If You Haven’t Already

Haunter has a mysterious atmosphere that grabbed me right away. The film is based in the mid-1980’s where it follows a teenager named Lisa on the day before her birthday. She goes through her daily ro...

Review – Something Wicked

I wasn’t too familiar with Something Wicked other than that it was Brittany Murphy‘s last film. Before watching this flick, I decided to switch it up a bit and not watch the trailer but re...

Somebody Help Me

Horrible Films For Horrible People: Somebody Help Me (2007)

Welcome to Horrible Films for Horrible People, a segment where Zena Dixon watch films everybody hates! In honor of Black History Month we will be revisiting Chris Stoker’s outrageously bad Someb...

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