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Advance Review: The Survivalist Does Being Bleak A Bit Too Well

The Survivalist revolves around an unnamed male figure, simply referred to as the survivalist, and his existence in an uncivilized, post-apocalyptic world. The survivalist spends his time making it fr...

Maggie (Abigail Breslin) and her father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in Henry Hobson's Maggie.

LionsGate Acquires Distribution Rights to the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Film ‘Maggie’

[soliloquy id=”7574″] The zombie film Maggie has been picked up for distribution by LionsGate. It is expected to see release in early 2015. The film stars Abigail Breslin (Haunter) as the ...

Poster for Jeremy Gardner's The Battery.

‘The Battery’ is set to hit DVD September 16th

[soliloquy id=”7739″] The micro-budget, independent horror film The Battery has been picked up for distribution. Made on a budget of $6,000, The Battery has garnered rave reviews on the fe...