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Beloved Actor John Saxon Passes Away At 83

We recently received word here at Wicked Horror that beloved actor, martial artist and horror icon John Saxon, unfortunately, has passed away on July 25th 2020, at the age of 83. Saxon’s wife Gloria a...

RIP Sid Haig: Thanks For The Scares

The horror entertainment world was shocked to its core over the weekend. Sadly, beloved horror icon Sid Haig passed away at the age of 80 in Los Angeles on September 21st, 2019. Haig, known for his ex...

Herschell Gordon Lewis

Herschell Gordon Lewis Has Passed Away at 87

It pains us to have to report the passing of yet another horror icon in 2016, but we’ve just learned that Herschell Gordon Lewis has passed away at 87. The announcement was broken by “Some...

Anton Yelchin - Image Credit: ET

Gone too Soon: Remembering the Career of Anton Yelchin

I am more stunned about the death of Anton Yelchin than any celebrity in recent memory. And that’s saying a lot, because over the past two or three years, we’ve lost a lot of heroes. Christopher Lee, ...

Seven Horror Stars With Surprising Second Careers - Gunnar Hansen

Man of Many Masks: Remembering Gunnar Hansen

We’ve lost too many people this year. Horror has taken a huge hit and has begun a transformation into whatever it is going to be from what it was before. Like Wes Craven, Gunnar Hansen was not one tha...

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