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Ralphie Glick in Salem's Lot 1979

Why Salem’s Lot Should Have Been Awful but Wasn’t

Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot is not only a seminal vampire movie but a great Stephen King adaptation as well. It has held up for over thirty-five years and is remembered as a classic, which is pretty ast...

Tobe Hooper

Disaster/Artist: The Mind-Boggling Career of Tobe Hooper

Of all the masters of horror, Tobe Hooper has the most confounding career. He’s done enough to earn the title, but not enough to stand comfortably beside contemporaries like John Carpenter and Wes Cra...

Top Five Tobe Hooper Films

[soliloquy id=”11970″] Tobe Hooper is widely regarded among the casual fans as one of the masters of horror (he did, after all, participate in the TV series of the same name). But he’s had...

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