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Fifteen Years Later Hostel is Still Plagued by Awful Characters and Cringeworthy Dialogue [Editorial]

Hostel marks Eli Roth’s second feature film directorial effort, with Cabin Fever being his first. Roth amped up the gore for his sophomore outing. Following in the footsteps of films like Saw, Hostel ...

Geoff Zanelli

Composer Geoff Zanelli Discusses His Score for The Intruder [Exclusive]

With The Conjuring universe and remakes like It and Pet Sematary dominating the box office, it’s no surprise that studios are trying to ride the horror wave, preempting a resurgence for the genre. The...

Blu-ray art from Scott Derrickson's Deliver us from Evil.

Deliver Us from Evil Will Street on DVD and Blu-ray in October

[soliloquy id=”9296″] The paranormal horror-thriller Deliver Us from Evil has secured a DVD and Blu-ray release date. If you missed the film during its theatrical exhibition, you will be a...