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The Black Orchid Challenge Is Small-Scale Horror Done In A Huge Way [2020 Short Film Review]

It is a very difficult task to make an effective horror film that takes place entirely in one location. It’s even harder when the film is made to feel like it’s a Livestream and is only 4 minutes long...

The Stylist 2016

Short Film Review: The Stylist (2016)

One of the best shorts I had the opportunity to see at Spooky Empire’s film festival, The Stylist is, well, stylish. This does the best thing a short film can do: It feels like a feature. It doesn’t f...

The Night Whispered

Short Film Review: The Night Whispered

My favorite thing about Nicholas Vince’s directorial debut “The Night Whispered” is that it feels like something I would have read in one of my favorite horror anthologies as a kid. It feels right at ...