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31 - Rob Zombie Pinball Machine - Groucho Marx

Rob Zombie and Mila Kunis to Executive Produce New Series for Starz

Starz has just made the announcement that they will be partnering with Rob Zombie and Mila Kunis in the creation of a new horror comedy series called Trapped (No relation to the Courtney Love home inv...

Natalie Burn on Awaken [Exclusive Interview]

Wicked Horror had a chance to connect with actress Natalie Burn about her involvement with the upcoming horror film Awaken. The actress offered her thoughts on strong female characters and why we need...

The 2009 Hunger movie directed by Steven Hentges.

Hunger – Starved To Eat

Hunger is a film produced for the Fangoria Frightfest film selections, directed by Steven Hentges and written by L.D. Goffigan. It depicts a horrifying exploration into the breakdown of humanity. Hung...