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Ice Nine Kills Has The Cure For Post Halloween Blues

Ice Nine Kills The Silver Scream

Are you feeling the post-Halloween blues? I think all of us horrorphiles are. People are talking about the upcoming Christmas holiday, whereas I am in the process of planning next Halloween’s wicked festivities. Well, if you are longing for all things macabre, Ice Nine Kills has you covered!

Recently Ice Nine Kills released their new album The Silver Scream, which celebrates the classic and slasher films we all know and love. Hailing from Boston, MA. Ice Nine Kills is known for their celebration of horror through their lyrics. The band’s last release, 2015’s Every Trick in the Book, celebrated classic literature such as Dracula, The Exorcist and Stephen King’s Carrie.  

The Silver Scream is an auditory attack on the senses that keeps the listener hooked. Combing angry, aggressive vocals, copious grinding guitar and pounding drums. The Silver Scream takes you on a journey through throwback horror cinema. I’ll take you track by track and give you what I think are the best lyrics, and clue you in as to what film inspired each song.

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The American Nightmare

Inspired by: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Best Lyrics: Past the street where they cursed my name, But I won’t be forsaken, Craven my revenge from the shallow grave, Where I went down in flames. 


Thank God It’s Friday

Inspired by: Friday the 13th

Best Lyrics: A machete in one hand and an axe in the other, Steadfast in his mask in the shadow of mother, Ready to resume, You’re all doomed.


Stabbing In The Dark

Inspired by: Halloween

Best Lyrics:

A former portrait of perfection, painted without plight, Now Haddonfield’s my battlefield, Your kids won’t make it home tonight.



Inspired by: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Best Lyrics: Out on the cringe of society’s where we lie, Cause we’re lethal liabilities till we die, Won’t heed the call of the law won’t follow the pack, Because the sound of the saw is our soundtrack.


The Jig Is Up

Inspired by: Saw

Best Lyrics: They know they are the ones to blame, And never will forget my name,
You want to play a f***ing game?


A Grave Mistake

Inspired by: The Crow

Best Lyrics: When you meet the man whose life you stole, With weather wings and broken bones, A flight for the fallen, Flies the crow.


Rocking the Boat

Inspired by: Jaws

Best Lyrics: So the rich could stay rich, But now you’ve been caught so smile you son of a b***h!


Enjoy Your Slay

Inspired by: The Shining

Best Lyrics: Now the fun has just begun, And one by one your wife and son, Hang in the web you’ve spun as family ties come undone, REDRUM!


Freak Flag

Inspired by: The Devil’s Rejects

Best Lyrics: Wave those freak flags high, Rejected ’til we die, To hell with tomorrow, Just let your freak flags fly tonight.


The World In My Hands

Inspired by: Edward Scissorhands

Best Lyrics: In search of something real, How cruel to be exposed, To everything that I can’t touch but still feel.


Merry Axe-Mas

Inspired by: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Best Lyrics: GARBAGE DAY!!!!


Love Bites

Inspired by: An American Werewolf in London

Best Lyrics: Safe in my arms you will lay, cause every dog has its day.


IT is the End

Inspired by: IT

Best Lyrics: IT’s nothing to fear, When I feast on your flesh, You’ll see that we all float down…HERE!

The cure for most fevers is more cowbell. But your post-Halloween fever can certainly be cured by The Silver Scream. While metalcore is not everyone’s cup of tea, I urge you to most definitely give the album a listen. This was my first exposure to Ice Nine Kills, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing what they do in the future. In addition to the album, be sure to check out the various music videos from The Silver Scream.

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Written by Aaron Posey
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