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The Snowtown Murders is Dark, Gripping, and Harrowing

Lucas Pittaway plays Jamie Vlassakis

There’s skill behind Justin Kurzel’s execution of the true story events that took place in Southern Australia, and although two hours long, it’s a gripping movie throughout.

The Snowtown Murders involves abused teen outcast Jamie (Lucas Pittaway), whose bleak home life with his brothers and their mother Elizabeth (Louise Harris) hits an all-time low when her neighbor takes things more than a step too far with the boys. Jamie in particular seems to be safe from no one.

Along comes a potential hero in the form of a new man that Elizabeth brings home, John Bunting, (Daniel Henshall). Little does she know the lunacy that lurks between his warm smiles and easy, although sometimes unnerving, demeanor.

John takes Jamie under his wing and through pushing him to view a variety of hard to watch scenes, eventually brings him into his dark and secret world of vigilante murder and madness.

Real highlights of the movie were Lucas Pittaway and Daniel Henshall’s incredible central performances with Lucas excellently portraying a scared and anxious wallflower, at times void of much emotion, and Daniel’s portrayal of Bunting bringing dark and light to the character which was very believable.

The Snowtown Murders is true life horror that couldn’t be further away from the cliche slasher films and is definitely worth a watch.

I didn’t watch the documentary regarding The Snowtown Murders and I’ve read that you would understand more of the film if so, but I understood the film just fine without it. It’s dark, gripping, harrowing and thoroughly compelling.

Other than that, if you can stomach it, this is a well-made drama of the bleakest sort and anyone looking for something other than the usual gore and Hollywood scares will appreciate this films portrayal.

WICKED RATING: 7/10  [usr 7]

Title: The Snowtown Murders


Director(s): Justin Kurzel
Writer(s): Justin Kurzel, Shaun Grant, Debi Marshall, Andrew McGarry
Stars: Lucas Pittaway, Daniel Henshall, Louise Harris
Year: 2011
Studio/ Production Co: Screen AustraliaSouth Australian Film Corporation, TheWarp Films Australia
Budget: (unknown)
Language: English
Length: 119mins
Sub-Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama


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