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Dee Snider Says ‘Now is the Time’ for Strangeland 2!

Strangeland Nine rock icons who turned to horror

About a year ago, we were reporting that a remake of Dee Snider’s Strangeland was in development. And then things seemed to fall apart as quickly as they had come together. Well, today brings word that the sequel almost twenty years in the making might just be coming together after all. Dee Snider took to Facebook to provide updates on several projects with which he is currently involved. During the brief video he uploaded, the rocker gave us the latest on Strangeland 2. 

“[I’m] gearing up to hopefully go into production with Strangeland 2. I know I’ve talked about this for twenty years. I sound like a broken record. And I hate even saying it out loud, cause you’ve had so many disappointments with this project. But it’s feeling like now is the time. Feeling like this is gonna happen this time around – I’ve also said that before, so don’t hold me to this.”

A sequel was announced in May of 2015, under the working title Strangeland: Disciple. At this point, it is unclear if this is a continuation of that project or a fresh start. During the announcement of that project, Snider revealed that his plan was to actually target an NC-17 rating. He explained that he had been asked to tame down the first film by the distributor and that he has no desire to do that this time.

Strangeland follows the exploits of a deeply disturbed man who goes by the screen name Captain Howdy (Snider) luring unsuspecting teens into a world of torture and horror. The first film was directed by John Peplos, with a script penned by Dee Snider. Snider will presumably write the script for the follow up and reprise his role as Captain Howdy but it is currently unclear as to who will be at the helm.

Snider previously revealed that a sequel was approved prior to the release of the first film and then unforeseen complications got in the way.

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