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Directors Announced for the New Leatherface Film!

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Today, Bloody Disgusting learned who will be directing the upcoming Leatherface film. We have that announcement and more for you after the break so head on in for all the details. 

While it has been rumored that LionsGate was courting a couple different directors  to helm the slasher prequel/sequel/remake Leatherface but today it has been confirmed that not one but two directors will be taking the directorial reins. The duo responsible for the exceptional home invasion horror film Inside have been confirmed to be taking point.

I am exceptionally curious to see where the duo takes the franchise. After the ultimately disappointing but financially successful Texas Chainsaw 3D it will be nice to see the franchise revitalized by a couple of extremely talented filmmakers. I am looking forward to seeing them bring the same dark and suspenseful qualities to the film that with which they have infused their previous efforts. The duo will be directing from a script penned by Seth M. Sherwood. Leatherface marks Sherwood’s first feature script.

The Leatherface film will be distributed by LionsGate and produced under the Millennium films banner. We are still waiting on more specific information pertaining to a targeted release date and the like. So stay tuned to the site and we will keep you updated as soon as we know anything!

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