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John Carpenter’s Halloween Will Return to Theaters Next Month!

Poster for John Carpenter's Halloween.
Poster for John Carpenter's Halloween.

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If you missed the chance to see Halloween on the big screen during its original theatrical run or one of its returns to the silver screen, you will have another chance beginning next month. We have more details for you after the jump. 

Thanks to a collaboration between SpectiCast, Compass International Pictures and Trancas International Films, John Carpenter’s Halloween will be returning to 500 theaters all over the world in an exhibition that begins October 1st and continues through October 31st. The film will hit the majority of US states. You can click here to see if it will be playing in a theater near you.

This upcoming screening marks the first time that the digitally restored and remastered print of the film will be exhibited on the big screen.

The storyline of the original Halloween film follows Michael Myers, who has been locked away in a sanitarium for fifteen years, after murdering his sister. But after escaping from captivity, Myers returns to his hometown in Haddonfield, Illinois to finish what he started years prior.

The John Carpenter helmed original boasts an impressive cast that includes genre film icons Jamie Lee Curtis (The Fog), P.J. Soles (Carrie), and Donald Pleasance (Raw Meat).

For more information on the Halloween franchise and the recently released box-set, click here.

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