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First Image from Insidious Chapter 4 Revealed

Insidious 4

Insidious: Chapter 4 director Director Adam Robitel took to Instagram to share the very first image ((below) from his latest film. It depicts series stalwart Lin Shaye as Elise and Aubrey (Tessa Ferrer) venturing into ‘The Further’.

In a recent interview with Daily Dead regarding the latest installment in the series, Lin Shaye revealed when and where the fourth installment will pick up in the franchise’s timeline. “In general, it goes back to Elise’s beginnings. And you also meet Elise at a very different point in her life. It takes place right after the end of Chapter 3, when she walks off with Specs and Tucker and they’re starting their company, Spectral Sightings, and they are now living at her home. They’re like her two sons, her two bad sons [laughs].” 

Shaye then elaborated on how the latest installment in the series will introduce us to more of her character’s backstory and exactly who we will be introduced to. “So it starts out in a very jovial, happy place and then goes downhill from there [laughs]. And ‘downhill’ meaning ‘uphill,’ though. It’s a fantastic story and it took me back into what made Elise who she is. You meet my family, my mother, my father—we go back to my hometown, which is in New Mexico. And so that’s where this takes place and her quest to find the bad guy that’s been haunting her. It’s a really wonderful story. I think the fans will really, really enjoy it. And it’s scary on levels they’re not going to expect.”

Insidious: Chapter 4 will be directed by directed by Adam Robitel (The Taking of Deborah Logan). As with previous installments, Leigh Whannell penned the screenplay. James Wan Oren Peli and Jason Blum all returned to produce. The project will be released 10/20/2017.

Stay tuned to the site as more breaks on the fourth chapter in the Insidious franchise.

Insidious 4

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