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Just Ed Gein It – The Animatronic Flesh Shoe

Leatherface Adam Brandejs is the making of the Ed Gein looking

We all like a fresh pair of sneakers, and while these Nike’s may not look so fresh, they’re certainly one of a kind.

Death and Taxes reported that Adam Brandejs took it upon himself to make an Ed Gein-esque meat shoe.

Dubbed the “Animatronic Flesh Shoe” it is definitely a shoe Ed Gein himself would be proud of. While it’s not made of real human flesh, because, ya know, it’s illegal, the latex rubber substitute certainly gives the desired effect, especially when sprinkled with real human hair (taken from Adam’s willing roommate).

Adam Brandejs animatronics flesh shoe.

Brandjes achieved the remarkably life-like human skin effect by casting the latex rubber from molds made from his own skin and then went on the make the shoe animatronic, allowing for the fleshy sneaker to squirm around on its own as if it’s aliiiiivvee.

Ed Gein inspired sneaker by Adam Brandejs.

On his website Brandejs explains that the shoe is a commetary on sweatshop labor and the effects of consumption, saying in part:

In our modern world of fast and easy consumption, we rarely pay any thought to where products actually come from and how they were produced. Many times we assume mass produced items were simply built by a series of machines. Unfortunately the reality is that we usually exploit other humans to produce goods as cheaply as possible. We place our well-being over that of others, sometimes for trivial objects.

Bet Gaga is jealous. What do you think of the sneaker? Let us know in the comments box provided below!

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