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Kat Von D Drops Remix of ‘Exorcism’ on All Streaming Platforms

Kat Von D

After releasing her excellent debut album, Love Made Me Do It, (as well as a successful tour) Kat Von D has now teamed up with a handful of artists to collaborate on a series of remixes for her track, Exorcism

Making its premiere today is a remix by esteemed Synthwave heroes Gunship, with a tone that adds such a fresh vibe to an already great track. 

Gunship’s Dan Haight had this to say about the collab: “I will always remember this session! I was in England, it was Christmas time, and in a rare delivery of winter holiday aesthetic, snow was on the ground.  John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ looped silently on the studio TV. Carpenter famously refrigerated his soundstages on that movie to allow Kurt Russell et al’s exhaled breath to be visible to camera – I was achieving the same result, only via poor central heating. It was COLD in the studio. However I had a lot of fun – a 2 day studio bender fueled by Christmas dinner and ‘monster munch’ crisps, where I actually spilled gravy on a vintage Juno-106 synth. True story. Exorcism is a great song with some fantastic hooks to it, and when Kat played me the demo I was immediately keen to have a play with it. I think both the cold and ‘The Thing’ played a subliminal influence on the final version, it’s a gratuitously synthy version, with a touch of haunting cinematic atmosphere. I hope everyone digs it. Thanks to Kat for not only letting me have fun with this remix, but also for inviting myself and good friend Carl Bown to ultimately mix the album.”

While Von D says, “Gunship has been one of my all time favorite synth wave bands, so when we teamed up to have them remix ‘Exorcism’ I was excited to say the least! Gunship’s remix gives a dark and nostalgic take on ‘Exorcism’ that makes the perfect soundtrack that would be playing if The Lost Boys were riding in Kit from Knight Rider.” 

Kat Von D’s synth-driven modern pop rock debut album Love Made Me Do It was released on September 30th, with “Exorcism,” as the lead single. The LP features collaborations with Dave GrohlLinda Perry (who she started writing material with over 10 years ago), Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio), Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails), Ladyhawke and Charo

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