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McKamey Manor – Extreme Haunted House – Would You Dare?

The McKamey Manor is San Diego is one of the most extreme and terrifying haunted house experiences on the planet.

The McKamey Manor in San Diego, California, is one of the most extreme haunted houses I have ever read about… I need to get there!… would you dare?

Located in San Diego and first started 14 years ago, McKamey Manor is one of the most intense and scariest haunted houses in the word, and that’s putting it lightly. Russ McKamey is the evil and sinister genius behind this haunted house that isn’t just your average haunted house; it’s your worst nightmares and much more.

McKamey Manor has a few requirements before you are even able to enter the building. You must be 21 years of age (previously 18), you must be in good physical condition, and you’re required to sign a waiver to ensure you don’t sue them for any emotional damage you may encounter during or after the experience. The manor only takes four people through the haunted house each week, with only two people allowed to go in at a time. One of the scariest parts is that, get this, the experience can last anywhere between 4- 7 hours! It’s also one of the few haunted house that stays open all year around, and the only haunted house in the world where admission is free. Yes, FREE!!

The team at the manor are allowed to touch you, gag you, place things upon you, put a bag over your head and pretty much anything else that’s not illegal. This is seriously the most terrifying haunted house experience I have ever seen, check out the awesome promo video below and see for yourself. Mckamey Manor was asked to represent “Extreme” haunting at the first annual ScareLA haunt convention in Los Angeles August 10-11 2013, and it’s looks terrifying!

Think you can handle it?? Check out their website here and get yourself on the waiting list, but be aware that you may not get selected, it’s practically by invitation only.

Being selected for this tour makes Willy Wonka’s “Golden Ticket” look like a boring day out in comparison.

Share this one with your friends, would you dare step inside the Mckamey Manor?

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