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Most Haunted UK is Back To Bring The Scares

The host of the popular UK ghost hunting show.

For all ghost hunter reality show fans like me I’m sure you’re just as excited that Most Haunted UK is back to haunt screens.

After originally airing on Living TV (now Sky Living), before ending in 2010, the new series will launch a 10-episode return on Really (channels; 248 Sky, 267 Virgin, and 17 Freeview in the UK).

Legendary Most Haunted host, Yvette Fielding will be back for its eerie return despite having to previously quit after getting too close to the ghosts.

Yvette told the Daily Star Sunday: “I felt like something was following me home. I was frightened to death.

“It was just a feeling I had. And I didn’t want to feel ghosts were with me when I got home. I was absolutely ­terrified by it. I couldn’t sleep.

“That’s why we stopped doing the show. My nerves were gone.”

As the new series makes a comeback she called in paranormal experts to make sure she was not stalked when the cameras stopped rolling.

“I didn’t want to feel ghosts were with me when I got home. I was absolutely ­terrified by it.”

She said: “I was nervous about ­coming back. I have had to put things into practice so I wasn’t followed home any more. I did my research.

To read the full interview with Yvette Fielding from the Daily Star, click here.

The spooky new series will feature alleged paranormal locations across the UK, such as The Royal Court Theatre in Lancashire and Sheffield’s National Emergency Services Museum. The show’s popular celebrity specials will also return, with Ben Foden and the England Rugby Team among the stars taking part in a paranormal hunt.

The show’s presenter Yvette has also revealed that she has One Direction singer Harry Styles, not to mention the rest of the lads, on her wishlist to appear. Speaking to the Sunday People, she revealed that Harry’s ghost-hunting ambitions stem all the way back to when he was at school with her son William.

‘He’s a believer, he’s really interested in the paranormal,’ Fielding said.

‘He used to come round the house and ask me all these questions about my work and what I’d seen.’

Produced and directed by Karl Beattie, Most Haunted will join a host of paranormal-themed shows on Really, including Ghost Hunters, I Spied Evil, Paranormal Witness and new US import Killer Contact.

The new series kicked off at 10pm on Really (channels; 248 Sky, 267 Virgin and 17 Freeview in the UK), Thursday 21st August 2014.

I’ll be following Fielding and crew as they take on the UK’s Most Haunted, will you?


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