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New Book Slices of Julie Introduces an Original Female Slasher in a Collection of Seven Short Stories!

Slices of Julie

Slices of Julie, written by Nat Brehmer (author of the upcoming Puppet Master franchise retrospective) is now available in Kindle and paperback. The tome introduces an original female slasher named Julie Harper in a collection of seven short stories. A gleefully evil and unapologetic killer, Julie is a campfire story, a local legend who might strike anywhere, at any time. The tales track her career at various points, from her first victim to several other isolated encounters, designed to recreate the feeling we all had when we were young of being introduced to our favorite horror franchises, not by binging them all at once, but by catching bits and pieces on cable long after we were supposed to be in bed. Slices of Julie provides those bits and pieces while, at the same time, telling stories that can be read in any order and stand completely on their own. 

A little bit Daria and a little bit Audition, Julie is a killer with a sharp wit and a sharper knife. This short-but-sweet collection sees her wreak havoc at a carnival, a roadside motel, a Catholic school and more. With a tip of the hat to the legacy of great killer women from Friday the 13th to Hellraiser to Urban Legend and especially those few female-driven franchises like Night of the Demons, Sleepaway Camp and the Mary Lou installments of Prom Night, Julie still embodies that all-too-rare female slasher who is not forced to provide a long-winded explanation for her crimes, is not revealed to be the killer at the end and, instead, accepts, embraces and even flaunts her inner monster.

From the book description:

They say Julie Harper killed several students at her high school, that she escaped a rehabilitation facility, that she could appear on any deserted street and you’d never see her coming. Julie is a campfire story, an urban legend, a killer who could strike at any time, for any and possible no reason at all. And you’d never know she was there until she wanted you to. That’s what they say, at least.

Presented here are snapshots into scenes of carnage: the story of her first victim and several other isolated encounters that followed. Is Julie the boogeyman? Or is she just a girl, simply doing what she does best? You can jump to your own conclusions with these stories of the girl who killed the girl next door…

Slices of Julie can be purchased for $0.99 on Kindle and $4.99 in paperback. You can pick up your very own copy right here.

Slices of Julie

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