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Seamless Interactive Horror Movie Coming Soon!

Matthew Tibbenhams seamless interactive horror movie requiem.

Matthew Tibbenham who will be shooting an interactive seamless horror movie.

Matthew Tibbenham of the award winning interactive comedy web series, The Wrong Guys for the Job, and the second unit director of Sinister and former assistant to Scott Derrickson, will be bringing to us, Requiem, an interactive horror movie in which you get to choose the outcome.

Ever watch a horror movie and you want to yell at the characters on screen or decide what happens to them because, ya know, you could do it better? Well upcoming horror, Requiem, hopes to bring seamless interaction where the viewer decides what happens next. Every viewing experience is unique and has different endings depending on what the viewer chooses.

Tibbenham has said “There’s something about combining interactive video and horror that makes it even scarier. You’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting to make the next decision and wondering what’s just around the next corner.”

“The technology for interactive video has really progressed in the last couple years,” says Daniel Ballard, Executive Producer and star of Requiem, “Things are getting really exciting. Interactive video companies like Interlude, Rapt Media, Adventr and Vidzor have been popping up everywhere.”

In Requiem, the audience experience will be seamless. Whenever the hero has to make a decision, the viewer simply clicks on their choice, ‘Save the Girl’, ‘Stand and fight’, ‘Run and Hide’, etc. The viewer’s decisions shape the outcome of the rest of the story.

With that level of personalization, the viewer can be truly terrified. No huge amounts of blood and gore are necessary, simply placing the viewer directly into the story will be enough to keep them terrified and looking over their shoulder in the comfort of their living room.

Requiem is currently raising funds on Indiegogo and will begin filming this winter.

We will keep you updated on this exciting interactive horror as more information comes in.

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