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These Are the Five Most Memorable Characters from The ‘Outlast’ Series


You can only run or hide. Gamers remember these instructions all too well since first visiting the Mount Massive Asylum in Outlast. Recently, the Outlast series has celebrated its 10th anniversary. Also, the franchise has received another entry from developer Red Barrels. Outlast: Trials is a multiplayer game that has amplified the gruesome and panic-inducing experiences of the first two outings. In honor of the 10th anniversary of its debut, we are looking at the top five memorable characters from the Outlast series.

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5. Frank Menera

Frank Menera is scantily dressed, and hungry for flesh. This cannibal pursues you through the halls of Mount Massive as part of the Whistleblower DLC. As you discover lost documents, you learn more about this buzzsaw-wielding patient. Such as his desire to drink blood, and his refusal to shower or shave if his hunger cannot be sated. Both Frank’s striking appearance and the faint sounds of his buzzsaw leave a lasting impression.

Five Memorable Characters from The Outlast Series

4. Laird & Nick

Our next memorable characters are the duo of Laird and Nick. This tandem is found in Outlast 2. Both of these enemies are loyal followers of Father Knoth’s cult. The player encounters these two when they visit the leper colony on the outskirts of the main compound. From there, an intense chase through the woods ensues. Nick serves as both muscle and transportation for Laird, who is the leader of the pair. Also, Laird is a pretty decent marksman with a bow. The horrifying duo believes the main character to be their savior, and they seek to crucify him to achieve salvation.

Five Memorable Characters from The Outlast Series

3. Rick Trager

Next up is Rick Trager. This memorable character refers to himself as a doctor. But truthfully, he is just a businessman ousted by his partners due to his unsavory behavior. Now he wanders the halls of the Asylum looking for test subjects. He rambles on about the pain he will inflict as well as the profit it will bring. The player is captured by this lunatic and loses a couple of fingers for not paying attention. Rick Trager relentlessly pursues the player. Until they successfully dispatch the fake doctor by crushing him in the elevator.

2. Eddie Gluskin

Eddie Gluskin is another character with a memorable look and voice lines. This serial killer first encounters the player at the beginning of Whistleblower. Eddie pleads for the player to stop the experiment. But alas, Eddie is exposed to the Morphogenic Engine like the rest of the inmates in Mount Massive. Later in the game, the player is captured, and forced to watch as Eddie tortures his other victims. Eddie is looking for the perfect bride, and he thinks the player will suit his needs. But first, he must remove what he deems a vulgar part of the body.

1. Chris Walker

Now we arrive at the most memorable character from the series. Chris Walker is a war vet who worked for Murkoff. After committing a string of grisly murders, he finds himself on the other side of his former employer. After experimentation and exposure to the Morphogenic Engine, Walker has become more monster than man. He is obsessed with security protocols and patrols the asylum looking for the player. If caught by this monster the player suffers a brutal decapitation. With his horrific image and brutal encounters throughout the game, no one has forgotten Chris Walker. 


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