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This Deleted Scene from Prometheus Explains SO Much!

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A lot of fans have complained that Prometheus has myriad problems, among the biggest complaints are that the picture is riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies that are difficult to explain. Well, it turns out that one of the biggest problems with the film is pretty clearly addressed in one of the scenes that was shot and left on the cutting room floor!

In the theatrical version of Prometheus, Fifield (Sean Harris) stumbles into a puddle of slime and the audience eventually learns that he has been transformed into a nasty alien-human hybrid. Post-mutation, Fifield sets out on a destruction spree and is eventually flattened by the tire of a space buggy.

The scene leaves the audience with a lot of questions, such as what exactly Fifield becomes when he makes contact with the slime-like substance? Fortunately, that question and others are answered in one of the deleted scenes from the Prometheus Blu-ray. Thanks to the eagle-eyed John Squires at BD for the tipoff.

The Fifield attack sequence was actually shot almost exactly as it was originally scripted, using a combination of practical effects and and CGI post FX. But the outtake below is quite a bit different than what made the final cut of the feature film. The deleted scene below actually reveals that the slime with which Fifield came into contact changes humans into Xenomorphs. Had this sequence made it into the picture, it would have answered a lot of questions and lent a sense of cohesion to the film that a lot of fans found to be sorely lacking. Check it out for yourself in the player below and let us know your thoughts!

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