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Tremors TV Series is Happening With Kevin Bacon!


It wasn’t too long ago that we revealed that Kevin Bacon wanted to see a Tremors reboot and today we have learned that the he is gearing for a brand new Tremors television series.

EW is reporting that Bacon is on board both to star in and executive produce the series. The show is a partnership between Universal Television and Blumhouse. Bacon will again play Val and the show will be set in Perfection.

This isn’t the first time Tremors has been adapted for the small screen, the previous attempt ran for 13 episodes on the SyFy Channel in 2003.

Bacon previously stated that he was curious to see what Valentine McKee has been up to for the past 25 years. And now it looks like he will get his chance! Interestingly enough, the last time Bacon discussed the possibility, he was skeptical about it ever happening. He expressed that Universal didn’t seem to be interested in the idea.

The show is being shopped around to different networks at this point and there are reportedly several that are interested in being home to the new series. Stay tuned to the site for more on this as it is announced.

The original remains one of the most beloved cult classics of the ’90s and it has spawned a series of follow up efforts that went direct to video, as well as a short lived television series in 2003.

The original Tremors film saw a town plagued by underground creatures called graboids that were intent upon whittling down the town’s population.

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