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Call of Cthulhu: Brand-New Trailer Released!

We previously reported on the latest, must-see screenshots from Cynaide’s upcoming Call of Cthulu game. Now, a brand-new, and a truly exciting trailer has just dropped in anticipation of the game’s release.

In the trailer, there looks to be more accurate depictions of future game-play, which is visually mysterious, haunting, and beautiful. There are also fragmented sentences of snatched voiceover that add to the creepy feel.

Call of Cthulu looks set to be the beautiful, bastard child of Silent Hill and Outlast that every horror fan and video gamer needs in their life right now. I cannot wait for the release,  which is still being noted as 2017 (we’ll confirm exactly when ASAP).

Call of Cthulhu 1

The main goal of the game is “to find the truth behind the death of an acclaimed artist and her family on a backwater island… the player will soon uncover a more disturbing truth as the Great Dreamer, Cthulhu, prepares its awakening”, which is actually pretty close to the original short story, believer it or not.

Check out the newest trailer below, and sound off in the comments about whether you think Call Of Cthulhu looks set to be one of the must-play games of 2017.

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