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Poltergeist (2015) – Upcoming Horror Movie

Carol Anne in Poltergesit.
Carol Anne in Poltergeist.

The 1982 Tobe Hooper classic Poltergeist is getting a facelift. Gil Kenan (whose work includes Monster House) will direct this 2015 reimagining of one of the scariest movies ever made. Kenan will work with a script inked by David Lindsay-Abaire (Oz: The Great and Powerful). Sam Rockwell (Clownhouse) and Rosemarie DeWitt (Afterschool) will star as Eric and Amy Bowen. 20th Century Fox is behind the film with Sam Raimi and his longtime collaborator Rob Tapert producing.

Gil Kenan has proved he is capable of putting together an atmospheric and spooky film with the family-friendly Monster House. But Poltergeist (2015) is only his third feature film and his first not aimed specifically at children. Audiences will soon learn if the young director has the chops to take on one of the most well-known and beloved horror films of all time. The reboot is expected to see release July 24th of 2015.

The plot of the 2015 reboot is expected to bear similarities to the original Poltergeist but diversify enough to warrant a re-imaginging. The characters will have different names and the film will be modernized for contemporary audiences. But the core concept of a family’s youngest daughter being taken away by ghosts will remain the same.

Director(s): Gil Kenan
Writer(s): David Lindsay-Abaire
Stars: Sam Rockwell, Jared Harris, Rosemarie DeWitt
Release: July 24, 2015
Studio/ Production Co: GhostHouse Pictures
Language: English
Sub-Genre: Haunted House Films

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