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The Possession of Michael King – Upcoming Horror Movie

Poster for David Jung's The Possession of Michael King.
Poster for The Possession of Michael King.

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The Possession of Michael King follows its titular character as he begins work on a new documentary film. King is a devout atheist but in spite of that, he sets his sights on creating a film that explores the search for the supernatural. He uses himself as his primary subject and allows necromancers, demonologists, and others with ties to the occult to do their worst with him; his end goal being to disprove the existence of a higher power. Michael is shocked when his experiment proves the existence of the supernatural and he is taken over by something he cannot control.

The Possession of Michael King is co-written and directed by David Jung in his feature film debut. It stars Shane Johnson (Black Cadillac) as Michael King and child actress Ella Anderson as his daughter Ellie.

While I think that the possession thing has been done to death over the past ten years, I will say that this is an interesting spin on the concept. A disbeliever inviting evil into his life is a unique setup. The Possession of Michael King also sets itself apart by painting its primary character as someone over 30.  Shane Johnson is older than the typical victim in a possession film by about 20 years.

The Possession of Michael King will begin a limited theatrical bow on August 22nd with its VOD release occurring on August 26th.

Director(s): David Jung
Writer(s): David Jung, Tedi Sarafian
Stars: Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson
Release: Limited Theatrical August 22 and VOD August 26
Studio/ Production Co: Anchor Bay Films
Language: English
Sub-Genre: Supernatural Horror


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