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Advance Review: Synchronicity is a Breath-Taking Mind-Blowing Thriller

From the very beginning, Synchronicity sets a pace that will make your head spin and tells a story that will draw you in from the first ten minutes. The film follows Jim Beale and his two partners who attempt the impossible by making a time machine using the principal of wormholes. But when they succeed Beale falls into a seizure that puzzles everyone. The team then finds a mysterious flower that has been left by a person from the future, Beale finds himself trapped in a complex web of deception and all he knows is that no one is to be trusted.


The first part of the movie takes the viewer through a storyline that exists in the present, but then everything becomes complicated as the theory of multiple dimensions and selves comes into play. The basic idea being that any action from the past, present, or future makes a domino effect in all three existences, at the same time.

The plot is fantastic. There aren’t glamorous shots of the dystopian city this takes place in to buy time because the viewer gets the gist from the various settings in which the actors appear. This movie is very story-centric and that was quite refreshing. And for me, it actually placed Synchronicity on a higher grade of cinema.

The characters are dynamic and complicated, appearing to show their hand one second, but then surprising the viewer in the very next scene. The actor choices were phenomenal and they each played to their character with Klaus the affluent billionaire, Beale the mad genius scientist, and Abby the mysterious woman with a secret. There are multiple dimensions to each character and the dynamic between them plays a big role in how the movie unfolds.

synchronicity_large_1050_591_81_s_c1Overall, Synchronicity is an amazing movie that takes the audience on an enjoyable thrill ride. It also offers a unique take on time travel. There are no cheesy gimmicks or overtly complicated aspects to the time travel aspect, but the film is full of original ideas that will keep you guessing. I cannot recommend this movie enough. Any sci-fi or thriller fan will find much to love here. You can check it out in theaters and on VOD January 22nd, 2016.

WICKED RATING: 8/10  [usr 8]

Director(s): Jacob Gentry
Writer(s): Jacob Gentry, Alex Orr
Stars: Chad McKnight, Brianne Davis, AJ Bowen
Year: 2016
Studio/ Production Co: Magnet Releasing
Language: English
Length: 101 Minutes
Sub-Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery Thriller

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