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Review: Grindhouse Releasing’s A Cat in the Brain is a Lovingly Rendered Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray

Cat in the Brain - Lucio Fulci

A Cat in the Brain finds Lucio Fulci working on a new feature film when he begins experiencing uncontrollable episodes. The spells result in something of a complete blackout and when the  director comes to, he is unaware of what he has done. Has overseeing the production of numerous violent films finally caught up to The Godfather of Gore? Or is something else to blame for his bouts of memory loss and the violent aftermath?

I am a big fan of Fulci and A Cat in the Brain is really no exception. This is probably a film that most people either love or hate. And I love it. It is excessively, disgustingly gory (which you can see in all of its glory in Grindhouse Releasing’s new HD transfer of the film) and it was meta long before people were commonly using that term to refer to self-referential works of cinema. The concept of Fulci playing not just a horror director but a horror director named Lucio Fulci based largely on himself is both brilliant and fascinating. It gives the film a new layer of context.

The gore effects are (of course) accomplished practically and they are brutal as hell. There is a reason this has been hailed as the most violent movie ever made. Gore hounds will find much to enjoy about this picture and the unrated director’s cut featured on this limited edition Blu-ray gives viewers an even more unflinching look than what they are likely accustomed to.

Cat in the Brain

Grindhouse Releasing has proved (once again) why they are among the best distributors working in the genre film game today. Rivaled only by the likes of Scream Factory! and precious few others when it comes to authoritative releases, this is the release to trump all others. Grindhouse’s A Cat in the Brain Blu-ray is about as feature rich as they come: It includes a high def digitally restored version of the uncensored director’s cut, interviews with director Lucio Fulci and actor Brett Halsey, brand new interviews with composer Fabio Frizzi, screenwriter Antonio Tentori, cinematographer Sandro Grossi and poster artist Enzo Sciotti. Also included is a look at Fulci’s appearance at the 1996 Fangoria Weekend of Horrors and liner notes penned by the likes of Antonella Fulci, David J. Schow, Eli Roth and Martin Beine. Also, the first 3,000 copies include a glow-in-the-dark slip cover and a portrait of Fulci. Moreover, this limited edition release includes a bonus CD with the original soundtrack!

This is easily one of the coolest limited edition Blu-ray releases I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking in. This is the kind of set every fan of Italian horror should have in their collection. The fact that it’s available for only $25.99 at Diabolic DVD kind of blows my mind. Had I not received it as a screener, I would have willingly paid that for everything that comes with this kick-ass release. This is a set that I will cherish for years to come.


Director(s): Lucio Fulci
Writer(s): Lucio Fulci, Giovanni Simonelli, and Antonio Tentori
Stars: Lucio Fulci, David L. Thompson, Malisa Longo
Release: July 12, 2016 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set
Studio/ Production Co:  Grindhouse Releasing
Budget:  $100,000 (Estimated)
Language: English (Dubbed)
Length: 93-Minutes
Sub-Genre: Horror-Comedy

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