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Hellevator Season 2: Episode 1 Review


The Soska sisters, better known as the “Twisted Twins”, were horror royalty prior to the debut of their Game Show Network (GSN) show HELLEVATOR. As the show amps up for its October 7th return, fans who caught the first season on GSN or Netflix are eager to see what the twins have in store for the next round of contestants.

The premise, if you have never caught the show before, is that the sisters have obtained an abandoned slaughterhouse that they now use as a spooky playground. Contestants must face multiple floors of terrifying mayhem and chaos to reach the final “Inferno” floor for their chance at $50,000.


The new season sounds promising at first glance. This is both because it’s by the Soskas and because the episodes are inspired by true crime scenes and feature challenges around the seven deadly sins. Conceptually, it sounds like they’re planning on throwing game show contestants onto the set of SE7EN, and that sounds like it has the potential to be a really good time.

The first episode of Season Two of Hellevator will feature a band of chefs who talk a big game, but who start screaming the second they enter the first room. The challenges are centered around a series of brutal crimes including gluttony and cannibalism. The chefs are completely mortified before any challenges begin, so immediately it’s obvious they’re going to be a pretty hilarious set of participants. When the group of four is split up so that they can individually complete their challenges, it gets better. (Or worse, from their perspective.)

If you haven’t caught HELLEVATOR on GSN or discovered it on Netflix, imagine what would happen if Fear Factor was set in the Hellraiser universe. …And hosted by the Soska sisters. If you’re like most of the world, you’ve shared the viral videos featuring practical jokes where unsuspecting strangers are subjected to horror-inspired tricks. If you enjoy those, then you’re likely to love the kitschy one-liners offered by the twins and the hour devoted to terrifying total strangers.


The new season of HELLEVATOR will premiere Friday October 7 at 9|8pm Central.

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