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The scary thing about conspiracy theories is that they can’t be dis-proven. Writer and director Christopher MacBride’s The Conspiracy is a very clever approach to the matter.

The Conspiracy bases itself around Aaron (Aaron Poole- The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh) and Jim (James Gilbert-Saw VI), two documentary filmmakers whose latest subject is in the form of conspiracy nut job Terrance G. (Alan C. Peterson- Shooter, Sucker Punch).

Terrance is a classic conspiracy whacko; finding connections and patterns in dates of the greatest turning points in American history. At first, Terrance’s claims fall on cynical ears and the two friends question his beliefs, but when Terrance claims he’s being followed and then disappears, the validity of his theories sets the filmmakers on their own trek for answers.

Aaron picks up the pieces and tries to follow Terrance’s work, becoming obsessed with finding the patterns and answering the queries. Jim begins to question his friend’s sanity but eventually Aaron connects the dots to a powerful organization called The Tarsus Club. The occupants and members of this Tarsus club are looking to create a “New World Order”.

With help from an insider Aaron and Jim successfully manage to disguise themselves as members and infiltrate a Tarsus club ritual. Things become terribly intense for the pair as they realize they’re in over their heads and their lives will be changed forever.

The suspense is top notch and actors Aaron Poole and James Gilbert do an excellent job with their roles, giving believable and adept performances. Likewise, the supporting cast is outstanding and only lend more credibility to the films premise.

Conspiracy theories can’t be disproved because any evidence that contradicts a conspiracy theory can be immediately dismissed as a plant of the conspiracy itself, created and disseminated specifically to disprove it.

With conviction and unwavering intelligence, The Conspiracy delivers complex theories and raises disturbing questions that are not easily dismissed. I would recommend it to everyone.

WICKED RATING: 7/10  [usr 7]

Title: The Conspiracy 


Director(s): Christopher MacBride
Writer(s): Christopher MacBride
Stars: Aaron Poole, James Gilbert, Ian Anderson
Year: 2012
Studio/ Production Co: Resolute Films and Entertainment
Budget: CAD 1,200,000 (estimated)
Language: English
Length: 84mins
Sub-Genre: Thriller


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