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Truth or Dare (2017) Is a Bloody Good Time [Review]

Truth or Dare

We all remember playing truth or dare in our awkward teenage years. Sweating uncontrollably when it was your turn. You were reluctant to pick dare because you were at the mercy of whatever twisted ideas your friends had. But what if you had no choice? What if your refusal to participate meant extreme consequences up to and including death? Would you play?

The new film Truth or Dare, out now from Cinedigm, explores the above questions. Do the dare or the dare does you! During a Halloween weekend, eight friends decide that the best way to celebrate is to spend it in a “haunted house”. Little do they know they are about to come face to face with evil as the house previously claimed seven teenagers during a game of truth or dare.

The friends decide, during some alcohol fueled antics, that they should take a crack at playing the game. The fun takes a sinister turn and leads to the death of one of the friends after they learn of a deep, dark secret. Upon returning to college the remaining friends realize something is still very wrong and whatever they encountered in the house is still after them.

Slowly the group begins to realize that they are not done playing the game. Someone or something is manipulating them and making them complete more elaborate and dangerous dares. If they refuse, they suffer grave consequences.

The friends begin trying to piece together what exactly is happening to them and how they can escape its clutches. Will they be able to beat the game, or will they fall victim to the evil that lurks unseen?

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It is always refreshing to find a new horror film that is fun and actually good. Truth or Dare is both. While the premise of college kids being slaughtered by a malevolent force is almost as old as horror itself, Truth or Dare does it in a very entertaining way.

The action in the film starts early and is paced well enough to hold most horror fans attention. On that note, one of the most important parts of any horror movie is the kills. Truth or Dare definitely has some inventive kills, with some that you’re not likely to see coming.

Few films have been able to make me wince with sympathy pains from what I was watching. Truth or Dare is one of those rare examples that made me do exactly that. The last half of the film is definitely not for the faint of heart.

In the end, Truth or Dare is bloody, campy, and fun. Look for a cameo from horror heavyweight Heather Langenkamp in a scene that has her looking more like Freddy than Nancy. Truth or Dare stars Cassie Scerbo of Sharknado fame, along with Brytni Sarpy of General Hospital and Mason Dye of TV’s Teen Wolf series. With Halloween fast approaching Truth or Dare would be a welcome addition to any horror playlist. The film is available now on DVD.

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Director: Nick Simon
Writer(s): Thommy Huston, Ethan Lawrence
Stars: Cassie Scerbo, Brytni Sarpy, and Mason Dye
Length: 90 Minutes

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