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Christine 1983

Christine is John Carpenter’s Unsung Love Story [Retrospective]

Even after directing Christine, John Carpenter would say in interviews that while he loved directing horror, he dreamed of directing a love story. And while Starman may have been a more mainstream, cu...

Back to the ’80s: Dario Argento’s Inferno

Welcome to Back to the ’80s. This recurring feature aims to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly from horror’s most beloved decade. Regardless of which category a particular film falls under...

Welcome to Spring Break

Welcome to Spring Break is a Lost ’80s Title That Should Stay Lost [Retrospective]

In Welcome to Spring Break, Diablo, a sadistic gang leader from a small tourist town is executed by way of electric chair. But, wait. He may be back from the grave and slaying spring breakers wit...

Stranger Things 3 Appeals to the Nerd in Us All

Season Three of Netflix’s Stranger Things continues on the tradition of being a well-paced thriller pulling at those nostalgic heartstrings. After hitting familiar beats almost threatening to become r...

The Rabid Dog’s House: Hell Night

The Rabid Dog’s House is a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where contributor Justin Steele uncovers hidden gems, lost classics, and overlooked indie offerings. He will discuss an array of topics co...

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me is a Clever Giallo-Inspired Slasher [Retrospective]

A deviant in black gloves is eradicating the coolest clique at The Crawford Academy, The Top Ten. The killer’s identity is a mystery. We know only that he or she has a deep-seated resentment for the m...

Best horror films you've never actually seen

Five of the Best Horror Films You’ve Never Seen

As a Horror fanatic, I’m always looking for new films to feed my growing blood-thirsty appetite. Diving into the deepest depths of cinema, in the hopes of uncovering productions with even the mi...

Curtains 1983

Curtains is a Forgotten Slasher that Should be Rediscovered [Retrospective]

Curtains is very much a lost classic of the ‘80s. It is a bit bizarre and a little unorthodox for a slasher picture but it does still cling to many of the horror film tropes fans have come to know and...

Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps Revitalized the ’50s Monster Movie

During the 1980s, there were a lot of films that tried to recapture the spirit of the 1950s monster movie. They weren’t just limited to horror either. Everything from Gremlins to E.T. to Stand by Me t...

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