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In the Mouth of Madness is One of the Most Underrated Meta-Horrors

Scream and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare are widely regarded as the two movies that kicked off meta-horror in the 1990’s. Both were, in their own way, deconstructions of the genre. But despite having the...

The Exorcist and Satanic Ritual Abuse

It is a natural human instinct to fear the unknown. Fearing the dark corners of caverns, or a strange animal species, in the first moments of human existence kept the species alive and away from dange...

The People Under the Stairs - Black Horror Cinema

5 Important Contributions to Black Horror Cinema

Matt Barone recently published a piece in the Dissolve which points out the disturbing lack of African American actors, producers, writers, and more within the horror genre. With Black History month d...

Horrible Films for Horrible People: The Paperboy (1994)

Welcome to Horrible Films for Horrible People, a segment where Wicked Horror’s Zena Dixon revisits outrageous films that should be watched by no one. This week, we have set our sights on the 1994 Cana...

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