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Early slasher movies that should have become classics - The Burning -Shameless ripoffs that gave the original a run for its money

Early Slasher Movies That Should Have Become Classics

There are not a lot of slasher movies that have become classics in the horror genre. Psycho is widely thought of as the grand-daddy of the sub-genre and is viewed as one of the best horror titles of a...

'80s slashers you may have missed - Jamie Lee Curtis in Terror Train

Nine ’80s Slashers You Might Have Missed But Need to See

’80s slashers. Even today, these are how a lot of people define the entire genre. As a sub-genre, it’s never had as strong of an output as it did from 1980-1985, despite some resurgence in the m...

Synapse to Release Prom Night on Blu-Ray in September

Genre film distributor Synapse is really hitting it out of the park with their current catalogue of re-releases. They recently brought the Canadian cult classic Curtains to blu-ray and now they are ge...