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Dr. Giggles

Dr. Giggles Isn’t As Bad as You Remember: Here’s Why [Editorial]

Sure, Dr. Giggles is far from perfect but one must stop to consider that it came out at a time when the horror genre was at an all-time low. Studio horror pictures were at a staggering halt; the indep...

Heather Langenkamp Horror sequels that cursed their own franchises - Nancy in New Nightmare - Badass Mothers in Horror

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Was a Sequel Ahead of its Time [Retrospective]

New Nightmare sees Freddy leaving the realm in which he was created. After his escape, he begins to plague the performers from the first Nightmare film. Like in the first picture, Heather Langenkamp i...

Patriotic Horror to Binge Watch This Summer. I know What You Did Last Summer Banner Image

Summer Lovin’: Why I Know What You Did Last Summer Doesn’t Deserve the Hate it Gets

The 1990s is not known as being one of the best times in horror history, but the truth is that it actually gave us a lot of great stuff. From big studio releases like Silence of the Lambs, Candyman an...

Cherry Falls

Why Now is the Time to Revisit Cherry Falls

I’m a bit of an apologist for the post-Scream era of horror. I think I Know What You Did Last Summer is actually kind of fun and stylish, Urban Legend is a slick feature with a great cast, The Faculty...

Patriotic Horror to Binge Watch This Summer. I know What You Did Last Summer Banner Image

Teen Screams: Most Underrated Post-Scream Slashers

The 1990s is a frequently shat-upon era for slasher movies even though the enormous financial and critical success of Scream spawned a revival of the genre at a time when it was pretty much dead. The ...

90's slashers

Why 90’s Slashers Get Too Much Flack (And How They Helped the Genre)

The slasher film began to build momentum in the late ’70s and really took off in the early s80s. Halloween was a major independent success and Friday the 13th followed right on its heels and lau...