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Chucky, Andy, and Kyle in the Good Guys factory in Child's Play 2

Why Child’s Play 2 is an Even Bolder Movie Than the First

Child’s Play is one of the most important, genre-defining horror movies of the late ‘80s. It’s one that everyone remembers and people still really like, but I think a lot of people tend to forget abou...

Alex Vincent at Days of the Dead in Atlanta on Feb. 27, 2021.

Alex Vincent Keeps a Tight Lid on Future of ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise

Still friends to the end? Actor Alex Vincent keeping quiet on whether Andy Barclay will return in upcoming SyFy series Chucky One thing we know for sure is that plans for a live-action Chucky televisi...

Child's Play

Interview: Alex Vincent Talks the Child’s Play Franchise

Alex Vincent is best known for his portrayal of Andy Barclay in the first two Child’s Play films. His character was the point of identification for younger viewers. The fact that the doll was targetin...

Chucky, Andy, and Kyle in the Good Guys factory in Child's Play 2

Noteworthy Heroines of Horror: Kyle from Child’s Play 2

Every horror fan has their own definition of what makes a strong, relatable, and likable female character. There are plenty of popular final girls that pop up on all of the best-of lists. Laurie Strod...

Based on the real life doll that caused havoc for two nurses after inviting it to live among them without realizing its evil.

Real Scary Stories- Movies Based On True Events (part two)

As a follow on from our first post on scary true stories turned into movies, we look at more of those horror films we know and love which are based on true events. Let us know your thoughts in the com...