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Jamie Kirkpatrick

Editor Jamie Kirkpatrick Discusses His Work on We Summon the Darkness

Marc Meyers’ latest horror/thriller, We Summon the Darkness is now available on all VOD platforms and serving up a bloody good time, with a side of rock and roll. On the way to a heavy metal con...

We Summon the Darkness ladies

We Summon the Darkness is Light, Throwaway Fun [Review]

Last year’s brilliant Satanic Panic pitted a pizza delivery girl against a group of rich Satanists in suburbia. We Summon the Darkness posits that it’s actually the young woman who’s the threat, skewe...

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

We Have Always Lived in the Castle is a Good Adaptation of a Great Book [Review]

I’ve heard two fundamental schools of thought about what a cover song should do. In one, a song is radically transformed. Think of the way Johnny Cash transformed Nine-Inch Nails’s “Hurt.” The other i...

Burying the Ex

Burying the Ex [Review]

It’s beyond incredible that Joe Dante is almost 70 years old and still making entertaining movies. His latest film, Burying the Ex focuses on a laid back guy named Max who works at a horror bout...

Poster for Joe Dante's Burying the Ex.

Burying the Ex Scores a Release Date

We recently reported that Joe Dante’s horror comedy Burying the Ex had secured US distribution and today we have a release date to share with you. Head inside for the official announcement. The film s...