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Alien (1979) The problem with sub-genres - label makers

How Alien Raised the Bar for Visuals in Horror

Throughout most of the 1970s, horror was very focused on realism. There was a transition period in the previous decade that moved the genre away from the Gothic Hammer films, truly cementing horror in...


How ‘Aliens’ Perfected Action-Horror (And Why it’s So Hard to Get Right)

Aliens is a classic. Whether you consider it part of the horror, science fiction, or action genre, that fact is pretty much undisputed. To this day, fans continue to debate as to whether or not the fi...

Alien Abduction Movies that are Truly Scary - The Fourth Kind Still

Watch the Skies: Seven Alien Abduction Movies That are Truly Scary

We’ll always have a cultural fascination with aliens. People will always want to know whether or not we’re alone in the universe and if we ever came into contact with beings from beyond the stars, whe...

altered alien movie

Altered is a Cool Sci-Fi Thriller [Review]

From the director of The Blair Witch Project, Lovely Molly and segment “A Ride in the Park” from V/H/S 2, Eduardo Sanchez brings us Altered, a movie about aliens and issues. Sometimes, jus...