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Kate Sheil & Kentucker Audley in She Dies Tomorrow by Amy Seimetz

She Dies Tomorrow is a Perplexingly Involving Offering from Amy Seimetz [Review]

She Dies Tomorrow is the sophomore feature from prolific actress Amy Seimetz. And, as befitting someone whose eclectic career has encompassed the likes of You’re Next, Lean on Pete, and the ghas...

Pet Sematary still

You Won’t Want to Be Buried in This Pet Sematary [Review]

Horror remakes generally fall into two broad categories; when they work, we get The Crazies and, when they don’t, it’s Suspiria. Which one Pet Sematary, the 2019 re-imagining of the Stephe...

Check Out the Spooky Final Trailer for the Pet Sematary Remake

There are just a few more days to wait before the new Pet Sematary movie is unleashed upon the world, but if you feel like Friday is still ages away, fear not, because we’ve got one final traile...