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I am Hero Omnibus Vol 4

Comic Review: I Am A Hero Omnibus Volume 4 Is A Truly Terrifying Horror Manga

I Am A Hero Omnibus Volume 4 is a horror manga that revolves around Hideo Suzuki, a 35-year-old manga artist. Hideo’s life is unfulfilling, he has no future job prospects (he is stuck with a low...

Battle Apocalypse

Battle Apocalypse is a Drama that Tries to be a Zombie Flick

I had to think for a while before I wrote this review. While Battle Apocalypse (aka Chrysalis) bills itself as another entry in the zombie sub-genre, it really doesn’t play out that way, and in ...

The official cover of Titan Comics' "World War X Helius."

Comic Review: World War X, Helius

Who could have guessed Earth’s requiem would be so metal?  Jerry Frissen and Peter Snejbjerg’s World War X, Helius explores the intergalactic peril of mishandling intricately-scribed boxes.  What foll...