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Suspiria (2018) casts a Powerful but Polarizing Spell [Blu-ray Review]

Suspiria begins in a divided 1977 Berlin, Germany. The film opens with dance student Patricia Hingle (Chloe Grace Moretz) as she is succumbing to madness. Meanwhile, an American dancer named Susie Ban...

Ash vs Evil Dead Complete Collection

Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection is the Groovy and Spectacular Swan Song of an Icon [Blu-Ray Review]

When prophecies spoke of a timeless hero, they were probably alluding to someone with a tad more integrity and someone less fond of dick jokes than Ash Williams. In a war against ancient evil, however...

The Shape of Water is Visually Enchanting

Four Oscars achieved should be enough reason for you to watch The Shape of Water. Guillermo del Toro at the helm should further the assertion that you need to see this movie. But if these pearls don’t...

Ichi the Killer

Blu-Ray Review: Ichi the Killer is a Stunning Restoration of One of Takashi Miike’s Best

Ichi the Killer is one of the most influential movies of the early 2000s. It is absolutely one of the standout films from director Takashi Miike, which says a lot, because he’s directed over 100 of th...

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Nine Reasons Silent Night Deadly Night Defines ‘80s Horror

Everybody’s got their favorite holiday movies. For some folks, it’s A Christmas Story, for others, It’s A Wonderful Life or Christmas Vacation. But in my household, there’s just one movie that we righ...

Child's Play

Blu-Ray Review: Child’s Play Deluxe Limited Edition by Scream Factory

Perhaps I mention this too much, but one more time couldn’t hurt: Child’s Play is my favorite horror film. It is one of my earliest memories of watching a horror feature, probably before I...

Carrie smiling as prom queen

Explore the Power of Carrie with Scream Factory’s New Blu-Ray

Scream Factory is a company that has been killing it over the last few years by providing excellent Blu-Ray versions of some of the best the genre has to offer. Naturally, they save their most anticip...

Alien - Rebecca Ferguson - Alien 5 - Alien Identity

Review: Aliens 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray

The 30th anniversary Blu-ray of Aliens is housed in a terrific package. This is something collectors will want to keep an eye out for as it contains both a collectible booklet of artwork from the Dark...

ghostface killer with his killing tool from the successful franchise scream by wes craven.

Nine Lackluster Blu-ray Releases That Deserve an Upgrade

We’re living in a great time for horror movie collecting. Blu-ray is the ideal format to bring our favorite films to life in glorious HD. Gorgeous, pristine picture packed with as much as we could eve...

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