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The Cabin in the Woods

Five Movies That Prove You Should Never Leave the House Again

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that causes sufferers to fear and often avoid situations which cause them to feel trapped or helpless. For many people, these feared circumstances involve being in p...

Eight Horror Movies to Introduce Your Non-Horror-Loving Friends to the Genre

It’s a sad truth of being a horror fan that not everyone we know is into the genre. In fact, most people we know aren’t. That’s what makes the horror community so tight-knit and respectable to begin w...

Jeremy Aiello

Exclusive: Jaremy Aiello On 25 Years Of Making Monsters

You can learn a great deal about an industry by spending some 25 years in it, even when that industry has as many ebbs, flows, and technology upgrades as the booming film and television industries. In...

twenty movies not to watch with gran feature by nicola odeku

Is Cabin in the Woods 2 Heading to a Theater Near You?

In news I never thought would happen, we have just learned that Cabin in the Woods could potentially see a sequel someday. Given that it only took in about $42 million at the domestic box office again...

Cabin in the Woods Poster - Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon Sued for Allegedly Stealing Idea for Cabin in the Woods

Joss Whedon is being sued for copyright infringement by a man who claims that his 2006 novel was the inspiration for Cabin in the Woods. Director Drew Goddard and LionsGate are also named in the filin...

Antichrist disturbing cinema article

Antichrist – Naughty By Nature

[soliloquy id=”1769″] I was quite stunned by the graphic sexual nature of this movie but hey, I’m not and wasn’t complaining! The Antichrist, directed by Lars von Trier, does not tac...

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