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Me and Me movie poster

Me and Me is Pretty, Strange, and Enjoyably Offbeat [Charlotte Film Festival Review]

South Korean flick Me and Me is a tough movie to categorize. IMDb describes it as both a mystery and a drama but, in reality, Jin-young Jung’s film has elements of body swap comedy, paranormal thrille...

Jason Biggs in The Subject

The Subject is an Ambitious, Flawed Jason Biggs Vehicle [Charlotte Film Festival Review]

The Subject marks the first big, serious role American Pie star Jason Biggs (“Don’t you recognize me? I’m the pie-f****r!”) has taken on in quite some time. The comedic actor is following in the foots...

Ryan Turek and Ruben Pla in The Horror Crowd

The Horror Crowd is a Rushed Mess [Charlotte Film Fest Review]

The Horror Crowd is director Ruben Pla’s, himself a prolific actor who’s appeared in the likes of XX, Insidious, and Big Ass Spider, attempt at explaining why the titular group, all friends of his, lo...