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Me and Me movie poster

Me and Me is Pretty, Strange, and Enjoyably Offbeat [Charlotte Film Festival Review]

South Korean flick Me and Me is a tough movie to categorize. IMDb describes it as both a mystery and a drama but, in reality, Jin-young Jung’s film has elements of body swap comedy, paranormal thrille...

Jason Biggs in The Subject

The Subject is an Ambitious, Flawed Jason Biggs Vehicle [Charlotte Film Festival Review]

The Subject marks the first big, serious role American Pie star Jason Biggs (“Don’t you recognize me? I’m the pie-f****r!”) has taken on in quite some time. The comedic actor is following in the foots...

Bleed With Me Charlotte Film Fest Review

Bleed With Me Is A Chilling Look At Toxic Female Friendships [Charlotte Film Festival Review]

Rowan (Lee Marshall), the protagonist of Amelia Moses’ Bleed With Me, is clearly far too used to apologizing. Despite being the invited guest of her good friend Emily (Lauren Beatty) and Emily&#...

Ryan Turek and Ruben Pla in The Horror Crowd

The Horror Crowd is a Rushed Mess [Charlotte Film Fest Review]

The Horror Crowd is director Ruben Pla’s, himself a prolific actor who’s appeared in the likes of XX, Insidious, and Big Ass Spider, attempt at explaining why the titular group, all friends of his, lo...