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The Boogeyman is a Suspenseful and Well-Executed Stephen King Adaptation [Review]

The Boogeyman. Yes, that Boogeyman. Not Michael Myers or Martin Shkreli, but the child-killing mythical monster who lurks in the darkness of our ajar closets and under our beds. This iteration of the ...

Lorenza Izzo and Malin Akerman in The Aviary

The Aviary Impressively Puts Cult Victims Front and Center [Review]

Cult movies – and by that, I mean movies about cults, not something like Rocky Horror – have grown exponentially in popularity thanks to high-profile exposés about Scientology, NXIVM, etc. The Aviary,...

Kate Sheil & Kentucker Audley in She Dies Tomorrow by Amy Seimetz

She Dies Tomorrow is a Perplexingly Involving Offering from Amy Seimetz [Review]

She Dies Tomorrow is the sophomore feature from prolific actress Amy Seimetz. And, as befitting someone whose eclectic career has encompassed the likes of You’re Next, Lean on Pete, and the ghas...