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Christine 1983

Christine is John Carpenter’s Unsung Love Story [Retrospective]

Even after directing Christine, John Carpenter would say in interviews that while he loved directing horror, he dreamed of directing a love story. And while Starman may have been a more mainstream, cu...

Christine 1983

Seven Powerful, Unsung Horror Scores That Need to be Rediscovered

I love the fact that people are rediscovering horror soundtracks. Some of the most iconic scores—and even some unexpected ones—are being given amazing treatment on vinyl. There’s no better time to get...

Ranking every Stephen King Movie - Creepshow - Why the Anthology Film is Dying (And Why it Should be Saved)

From Prom to the Sematary: Ranking Every Stephen King Movie (Part 4)

We’re taking on a huge task here at Wicked Horror that nobody asked us to do. It’s massive to the point that you don’t even realize how huge until you’re right in the thick of it. That’s right, we’ve ...

Cult Corner: Phantom Racer

Welcome to Cult Corner where we dive through the bargain bins to determine if a movie is trash or treasure. Today’s pick… Terry Ingram’s Phantom Racer. Phantom Racer is a movie with the ti...

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