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Fight Club 2 - Comic

Comic Review: Fight Club 2, Issue 3

As last issue’s climax may have suggested, the lull of Fight Club 2 is over. Fresh from a recent, Marla-spurred beating, we are awarded both a literal and proverbial new face of Sebastian. Likewise, w...

Fight Club 2 - Comic

Advance Review: Fight Club 2, Issue 2

Off the heels of an incredibly strong opener, the second installment of Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club 2 is quite the change of pace. With the playing field set, hurling the narrator (or Sebastian, as h...

Fight Club 2

Advance Review: Fight Club 2, Issue 1

With the release of a new Blur album and the announcement of another Dragonball series, I’m really left with one question: What year is it? Nearly twenty years after Chuck Palahniuk’s groundbreaking n...

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