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Alex Vincent at Days of the Dead in Atlanta on Feb. 27, 2021.

Alex Vincent Keeps a Tight Lid on Future of ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise

Still friends to the end? Actor Alex Vincent keeping quiet on whether Andy Barclay will return in upcoming SyFy series Chucky One thing we know for sure is that plans for a live-action Chucky televisi...

Everything We Know About the New Chucky Series

You can’t keep a Good Guy down. Recently horror fans were elated with the news that their favorite ginger haired, voodoo practicing, serial killing doll, Chucky is back! Charles Lee Ray, a.k.a. The La...

A scene from the 1990 movie "Child's Play 2."

Five Reasons Child’s Play 2 is Better Than The Original

Allow me to start by saying: The 1988 original is great. But there’s more than one reason why 1990’s Child’s Play 2 is the ultimate Chucky experience 2020 marks thirty years since Child’s Play 2 was r...

Child's Play

Was Child’s Play Based on a True Story? Exploring the Rumored Connection Between Chucky and The Robert Doll

As if some of the stories in our genre are not horrible enough, there is one phrase that seems to elevate their mystique – “based on a true story.” One can find easily find stories f...

Child's Play

Second Opinion: Child’s Play (2019) is An Insult to Chucky

​Child’s Play is an institution. The series that began with the seminal, Tom Holland-directed 1988 flick is still chugging along to this day with the latest installment, 2017’s Cult of Chu...

Child's Play (2019.)

Child’s Play (2019) May Be the Best in the Series Since Child’s Play 2

When the Child’s Play remake was announced, hardcore horror fans were aghast. After seeing so many beloved franchises from the 1970s and 1980s get turned into abysmal “updates,” it seemed liked the Ch...

Child's Play 3 - Threequels

Who Will Voice Chucky in the Child’s Play Reboot?

Last month, we brought you the frankly underwhelming trailer for the upcoming Child’s Play reboot due later this year. After watching same, and perusing the flick’s IMDb page, one thing be...

Child's Play

Check Out The Trailer For The 2019 Child’s Play Reboot

Chucky is back! Er, in a manner of speaking. Everybody’s favorite killer doll will return later this year in Child’s Play, a reboot of the franchise kick-started by the legendary Don Manci...

Horror movie romances

Bad Romance: Horror Couples That Will Make You Happy to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Horror movies aren’t often thought of as overly romantic. But upon closer inspection, some of them actually are. The couples that can be seen in genre pictures vary from surprisingly devoted to comple...

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